Meet Our Knitwear Designer – Thania

We would be willing to bet that some of your favorite pieces of clothing are knitwear. We certainly have our favorite go-to tees and cozy hoodies but one of favorite things about knitwear is that the possibilities are endless when it comes to design. The cut, patterns, and textures are fun for our designers and great for you when it comes to putting great outfits together.

Meet Thania, our skillful and talented knitwear designer. She has been apart of the Self Esteem family for 3 years, and we certainly appreciate all her hard work and creativity. Read on to find out how she finds inspiration and her favorite fashion websites that we are sure will become yours too.


How do you find inspiration when coming up with new designs?
I find different inspiration depending on the mood I’m in. Some days I look at runway shows and fashion bloggers, and other days I shop stores in all departments for details and colors.

What advice would you give someone who wants to become a fashion designer?
My advice for anyone who wants to become a fashion designer is to never give up. Its not easy designing and being critiqued, but it’s all worth it in the end. Always be positive with any challenge and the outcome will be positive.

What are some of your favorite fashion websites?
My favorite fashion websites are Stradivarius, Topshop, and Free People. For the past couple of years, I have been using Instagram as a huge source of inspiration because I get to see girls all over the world and their cute styles.

How do you hope someone feels when wearing one of your designs?
I hope people wearing my designs feel young, sexy, and joyous.

How do you get unstuck creatively?
The ways I get unstuck creatively are: I go hiking with my dogs or I spend my day at the beach with them. Then spending some time people watching at malls, movie theaters, beaches, etc.

What’s your favorite and least favorite part of your job?
My favorite part of my job is  seeing my designs come to life from paper to actual samples.
My least favorite part of my job is designing so many things throughout the month and not remembering what I designed.  🙁

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